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We are not bound by independence regulations and thus are free to work alongside management in whatever capacity they require.

Business Valuation

Whether a public filer, portfolio company with a private equity sponsor or a start-up with venture capital financing, we have the proven capabilities to provide valuation consulting that will meet the requirements of your auditors and the SEC. Our work product will be what you need to make the right decisions, meet filing requirements and avoid costly delays.

Valuation Service Areas

We specialize in valuations for the following purposes:

  • ASC 805 or IRC 1060 - Business Combinations/Purchase Price Allocations
  • ASC 718 or IRC 409A - Equity Compensation
  • ASC 350/360 - Asset Impairments
  • ASC 815 - Fair Value of Derivative Financial Instruments
  • ASC 852 - Reorganizations
  • ASC 820 - Portfolio Company Valuations

Business Valuation Case Study

A client with a complex capital structure needed guidance related to the valuation of a preferred security with an embedded derivative. We assisted the client through:

  • Appling applicable guidance to determine the preferred security met the requirements for separability. Bifurcated the preferred security into a host contract and embedded derivative under ASC 815
  • Drafting a technical position paper outlining the position of the company and the planned course of action
  • Preparing a fair value analysis under ASC 820 employing option pricing methodology

Due to our extensive experience, our client was able to address a complex accounting issue in a timely manner and deliver an analysis that met the expectation of their auditor.